Sterling King in the wild: Alexis Hubbard

Alexis Hubbard

Alexis Hubbard, a SCAD graduate and current manager at Ulla Johnson, is a lover of all things fashion and art. Alexis wears her favorite Sterling King pieces to add a pop of color to her looks. See how she styles the Maude Crystal Drop Earrings,  Gelsey Fold Drop Earrings, Lolita Charm Necklace, and more. 

Alexis looking to the side wearing the Maude Crystal Drop Earring in Emerald
The Maude Crystal Drop Earring in Emerald
Where did you go to school? 
I went to The Savannah College of Art and design and studied Fashion Marketing and Management.
What do you do now? 
I am the Studio Manager at Ulla Johnson.
Alexis reading a magazine in the fuchsia Gelsey Fold Drop Earrings Alexis in the emerald Maude Crystal Drop Earrings, next to a plant
How would you describe your style?
I feel like my style is ever changing due to my mood, trends and surroundings, but I am always inspired by statement making either through color or pattern, blending nostalgic influences of 80s nightlife-glam and 70s boho-chic, and mixing preppy with polished. Fair to say it’s a bit eccentric!
Biggest fashion inspiration?
As much as I love this question, it is a tough one because it is impossible for me to have just one inspiration, but I like to choose female muses, real and fictional, that reflect my style and personality during eras of my life. Characters for me to make my own. For example, in college Paris Hilton was a big style muse, but right now I am having a Serena Van Der Woodsen summer. Long dresses, beach waves, gladiator sandals and drama…a slight upgrade from a Juicy Couture track suit, which still finds its way into my rotation now and then. It’s never just one character, I have so many muses, but you get the idea. Of course, real people I know inspire my choices as well but in a more personal, heroic type of way- dress like the woman you want to be- if that makes sense. My mom, Mimi, the Anne’s, Brantly… they are all personal style muses that reflect in my everyday choices and are only mine, making the way they influence my style almost indescribable.
Favorite thing about living in New York?
I honestly like the chaos of New York. I find peace in the juxtaposition of change and stability that seems to be here. New York is full of artists and people who are passionate and there is a never ending list of things you can see or do. You can go out and meet people you will never see again but make unforgettable memories that you will have forever. Although these qualities exist elsewhere, I think in the United States it’s hard to find all of them shoved into one place.
Do you have a favorite area of New York or a special spot?

I like the mystic vibe on Bond Street. You can feel art, lust and wealth radiating off of the cobblestones. It’s home to Bruce Willam’s dancing little golden sculptures climbing up a building, underground theaters, and my dream residence of 40 Bond. 

If you could only pick one accessory to wear, what would you choose?
If there’s one thing about me, it is not just one accessory. But, if I HAD to narrow it down, it’s a ring, earrings, and hair clip…maybe a headband.
Favorite place to eat at the moment?
I think I would have to say Luz Market + Restaurant in the East Village. Plant based, cute interior, outdoor space, yummy drinks, and fun staff- what’s not to love!
The Maude Crystal Drop Earring in Emerald
Favorite happy hour spot in town?
This is another tough one. I rarely have the time to happy hour, I am more of a late night drink type of girl. But recently Temple Bar has been a go-to for post-work drinks. I also like to be outside on a rooftop somewhere during the summer.
What is your motto (if you have one)?
“Play Hard, Work Harder” and “For The Thrill Of It All”
The Inside Out Crystal Drop Earrings
Lolita Charm Necklace and Inside Out Crystal Drop Earrings
Alexis wears the Fold Earrings, Gelsey Fold Drop Earrings in Fuchsia, Maude Crystal Drop Earrings in Emerald, and the Inside Out Crystal Drop Earrings