How to Rock Mismatched Earrings

Fashion rules are made to be broken: wear white after Labor Day and give your lobes a little independence. Mismatched earrings are an easy way to add a touch of whimsy to getting dressed in the morning– even if it's just for Zoom.
While earrings have been around since the dawn of humanity, they're no longer confined to living in perfect pairs. Mismatched earrings can range from subtle differences in shape and texture to bold, contrasting statement-makers. Embrace your inner cool with these freewheeling mismatched styles.
If asymmetrical earrings are a little out of your comfort zone, here are six ways to rock the mismatched trend. Keep scrolling for styling tips and a curated look at some of our favorite mismatched styles.

1. Stick with Subtly

Pick a pair with subtly unique sides– think sisters, not twins.
If wearing two completely different earrings is intimidating, you can embrace this trend with an understated tone. Look for a pair with unique details on each side like subtle difference in texture and shape that highlight the craftsmanship

2. Mismatched But Similar

These styles have asymmetrical sides but keep the same look and feel.
These mismatched earrings styles are carefully designed to be worn as an asymmetrical pair. These styles maintain the same look and feel through matching colors, textures, and details, in spite of

3. Play with Lengths

Contrasting lengths add an unexpected twist.
These pairs have a long and short side to add an effortlessly cool touch to an almost matching pair. Skip the necklace to keep them in focus. Bonus: asymmetrical lengths are the perfect compromise when you can't decide.

4. Go Yin and Yang

Let opposites attract with contrasting colors and details.
Pick a style with a shared foundation that has contrasting details like tone-tone colors or high-low pearl details. Our yin and yang mismatched earrings embrace a playful touch of asymmetry while maintaining a balanced look and feel.

5. Go Wild

Try bold, asymmetrical earrings with contrasting colors, lengths, and shapes.
To truly master this trend, try a pair of our boldest mismatched earrings complete with two sides. These styles are all strategically designed to ensure that the look remains cohesive with freewheeling spirit. To highlight these whimsical styles, keep your other accessories to a minimum. Or, go wild and stack on a few cuffs and and complimentary rings like a Delphinium Ring.

6. Create Your Own

Mix and match styles from your Sterling King collection.
Embrace your creativity with your own take on mismatched earrings and you will surely make a statement. Choose one earring from two of your favorite sets and create a striking look. To remain cohesive, look for similarity between two different pairs, like similar forms, colors or embellishments. Let the earrings shine by sticking to a neutral outfit and minimal accessories. Most importantly, have fun with it.
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Express Yourself

The mismatched earrings trend is all about breaking from tradition and embracing your personal style. While it might seem intimidating, there are ways to subtly follow this trend or GO ALL OUT. Don’t be afraid to take risks, they just might pay off.
Still not convinced?
We've got you covered with plenty of symmetric earring styles, too. 

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