Sterling King in the wild: Kaysha Pressley

Kaysha Pressley

Artist, NYU dancer, and psychology student Kaysha Pressley wears Sterling King around the plant shop she works at during summer. See Kaysha in the Inside Out Crystal Drop Earrings, Georgia Crystal Earrings, Flashback Fold Earrings, and learn how she keeps herself and her plants healthy. 

Kaysha in the Flashback Fold Earrings

Where did you grow up?

Pennsylvania Kaysha smiling in a plant shop wearing the inside out crystal drop earringsSterling King inside out crystal drop earrings in aqua and fuchsiaWhat is something you miss about living in Philly compared to New York?

Probably the cheesesteaks. They are really expensive here. Another thing I miss is my niece and nephews, my family in general.

Sterling King Lolita Charm NecklaceSterling King Lolita Charm NecklaceWhat is your favorite thing to make at the moment?


Sterling King Pleat Crystal earrings in fuchsia

Any routines/something you do everyday?

I’ve been trying to wake up and do my exercises everyday. I really want to get into the routine of making tea everyday as a self care ritual. I need to get into the habit of calling my grandparents everyday.Sterling King Pleat Crystal earrings and Maude Crystal Drop earrings

Go-to type of jewelry?

It would have to be earrings just because if I don’t have earrings, I feel so bare. My top 3 would be earrings, necklaces, rings.Sterling King Pleat Crystal earrings and Georgia Crystal earringsHow would you describe your style?

I would say it’s laid back, very inspired by the 90s and early 2000s. Yeah, I kinda like to just work with what I have, I don't mind recycling outfits. 

Kaysha in the cobalt blue Georgia Crystal earringsKaysha in the cobalt blue Georgia Crystal earrings

How do you take care of your body?
I have to do my daily stretch routine that my PT created for my bilateral patellofemoral syndrome - it’s common, a lot of women have it because of the way our hips are, especially if they are tight, it puts pressure on the knees. Oh and drinking water, eating healthy.

Kaysha's hand wearing the blue allium bubble ringKaysha wearing the Sterling King blue allium bubble ringKaysha in the cobalt blue Georgia Crystal earringsAs a dancer, what is your dream job?

I have two…well I don’t really dream of working but one thing that I strive to be is a backup dancer and go on tour. Another thing would be going back to school to get my masters in psychology and being a dance psychologist or dance therapist to help with dancers' performance anxieties or their anxiety in general. I want dance companies to start providing mental health services for their dancers.  

Kaysha wearing the Sterling King Pleat Crystal earrings in fuchsia
Kaysha wearing the Sterling King Pleat Crystal earrings in fuchsia

Any favorite spots in New York?

Tio Pepe, Tacombi, I like going to the pier when it's not too hot and not too chilly. Central Park is cute when the season starts to change from summer to fall.

Kaysha wearing the Sterling King Georgia Crystal earrings in cobalt blue Kaysha wearing the Sterling King Georgia Crystal earrings in cobalt blue

What is the best tip you have learned from working at a plant shop?

People are always like “oh fertilizer, fertilizer, fertilizer, I need to fertilize my plants, they need to be on a strict fertilizer schedule” - that is not the case. If you are keeping up with their soil, changing the soil annually, they’ll be fine. It’s different if you have one of those huge plants that you might see in an office or something but otherwise, you don’t really need fertilizer. Another watering tip is to get planters/pots with drainage.
Sterling King Lolita Charm Necklace 

Kaysha wears the Inside Out Crystal Drop Earrings, Georgia Crystal Earrings, Pleat Crystal Earrings, and Bubble Ring.