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Introducing our curated collection of handpicked favorites, designed to ensure you shine brightly through every occasion life brings your way. From the joyous celebrations of birthdays to the elegance of winter weddings, the warmth of Hanukkah, and the enchantment of Christmas, our carefully selected jewelry pieces are here to adorn every moment. Whether it's the allure of a date night, the glitz of a New Year’s Countdown, the professionalism of a corporate event, or the radiance of a cocktail hour, we’ve got you covered. Each piece is chosen with precision to complement and elevate your style, making each occasion a reflection of your unique elegance and grace. Let our jewelry be the perfect accompaniment to your journey, ensuring you stand out and sparkle through every cherished moment.



Birthdays are not just another day, they’re an opportunity to shine and indulge in the beauty that jewelry brings. Explore our hand-picked favorites, perfect for adding that extra sparkle to your special day. From the sophisticated allure of Sylvia Crystal Drops to the Flashback Folds, each piece tells its own story. Embrace elegance with the Gelsey Crystal Earrings or opt for timeless chicness with the Georgia Crystal Earrings and Isabella Bows. Want a statement piece? Our Molten Pendant Necklace is a showstopper, while the Ophelia Silk Coord Abstract Earrings offer a modern twist. Complete your look with the bold Molten Hoops or the graceful Pearl and Lucite Charm Bracelet. Make your next birthday unforgettable with stunning jewelry that celebrates your unique style.



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Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, embodies traditions, symbolism, and the glow of celebration. To honor this revered occasion, we’ve curated a stunning selection primarily adorned in silver and shades of blue, accentuated with touches of our timeless gold bestsellers. Silver and Blue symbolize the hues of winter slides and the glow of Menorah. Our collection captures this essence flawlessly with pieces like the Georgia Crystal Earrings in captivating Cobalt Blue, the elegant Two Tone Fold Mini’s blending blue and silver, and the captivating Mismatched Earrings in Silver and Gold. Embracing the holiday spirit, the Gelsey and Delphinium earrings radiate delicate beauty, while the Lucite Drip Earrings and Bubble Ring in shades of silver and blue offer a touch of wintry charm. Each piece, meticulously crafted and thoughtfully selected, embodies the essence of Hanukkah- illumination, tradition, and the celebration of light and beauty.



This epitomizes the essence of camaraderie and shared aspirations within professional spheres, our curated jewelry collection aims to enhance these moments of unity and elegance. From the refined allure of the new arrivals, the Bellmer Ball and Rosette Earrings, to the timeless sophistication of bestsellers like the Fold Earrings, Delphiniums and Baroque Pearl Mini Earrings, each piece intertwines sophistication with the demands of corporate attire seamlessly. Our Signature Ridge, Helmet and Lithop Wave rings signify unity while the Rosha Chain Hoops and Molten Pendants blend modernity with classic grace. These sophisticated yet versatile pieces, including the Lithop bracelets, Molten Loop earrings, Magic Hour earrings and Dune Baroques, accentuate the professionalism and unity fostered during corporate events, ensuring an elevated, refined loop for every gathering this holiday season.





Love is in the air this holiday season, and what better way to celebrate than with our enchanting collection crafted especially for those romantic date nights? Embracing the myriad shades of love, our collection boasts hues of Fuchsia, Violets and Ruby Reds capturing the diverse spectrum of romance. While these colors embody the essence of love, our Flashback Folds, available in captivating shades, Allegro Ribbon Earrings and Orbit Crystal Drop Earrings redefine elegance and grace. From the Cindy Crystal Statement to the Dune Agate Drop hoops and Sylvia Drop Earrings, each piece resonates with the passion and allure of a romantic evening. Explore the Ada Crystal Statement Earrings, Lola 3 Pearl Drops and Pleat Earrings, or find your perfect among our Ripple and Wave Rings. Complete your ensemble with the Ophelia Silk Cord Abstract Flower Choker and Lithop bracelets. Love knows no particular color but rather a beautiful blend of shades and our collection mirrors this sentiment ensuring your date night is adorned with a perfect touch of romance and elegance.



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Step into the realm of sophistication and allure with our curated collection. Cocktail parties beckon glamor and our selection embodies the epitome of chic elegance. From the timeless charm of Molten Stud Earrings to the graceful Fold Earrings and Sylvia Crystal Drop Earrings, our pieces seamlessly complement the perfect cocktail ensemble. Elevate your style with the modern appeal of Delphiniums, Lola Crystal Baroque, Fold Minis, and Oil Slicks, harmoniously paired with Molten, Delphinium and the captivating Pave Diamond Wave rings. Make a bold statement with Lithop Handcuff, Fracture cuffs, Wrapping Cuffs and Molten cuffs completing your look with statement necklaces like the Polished Bubble Choker, Gelsey Pendant Chain Necklace, Warp Chain Crystal Necklace, Rosette Pendant Necklace, and the enchanting Knot Pendant.



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Winter weddings bring forth an aura of enchantment and promise, and our collection crafted for these magical occasions, speaks volumes of elegance and grace. Whether you’re the radiant bride, the cherished bridesmaid, a proud mother or a guest celebrating the union, this collection caters to every woman with finesse and sophistication. Embrace the ethereal charm with pieces like the Lola Crystal Baroque Pearl Drop, Lolita Earrings, Fold Minis, and the timeless Delphiniums. You can also elevate your wedding ensemble with the allure of Warp Chain Crystal Earrings, Ada Crystal Statement, Pearl Drip Mini and the Delphinium Crystal Drop Earrings. Find the perfect match among our exquisite rings– The Trinity Band Ring, Molten Rings, Ripple Signet- alongside the Rosette Pendant, Edith Crystal Pendant Earrings, Lolita Charm Necklace, and Liquid Crystal Pendant Necklace. Complete your look with statement bracelets like the Lithop Infinity Bracelet and Magma HandCuffs. These occasions mark the beginning of a beautiful journey, and our collection ensures every moment is adorned with elegance, grace, and timeless allure, because sometimes, amid grandeur, it’s the subtle elegance that steals the show.



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With Christmas just around the corner, the spirit of the season fills the air, and our curated collection is here to make your celebrations truly magical. From timeless classics to contemporary delights, we’ve assembled a stunning array of pieces in Christmas hues of Gold, Silver, Emerald, and Ruby Red, ensuring you find the perfect presents or last-minute treasures. Embrace the festive spirit with elegant selections like the Sylvia Crystal Drop, Georgia Crystal and Pearl Drop, Baroque Pearl Mini, and the whimsical Delphiniums. Discover timeless elegance in The Fold Earrings, Kiki Crystal Drop, Mismatched Fold Earrings, Gelsey, Lola Crystal Baroque Pearl Drop, Titania Fringe, Orbit Crystal Drops, and Ada Crystal Earrings. Make a statement with the Crystal Allegro Ribbon or the Bellmer Ball Drop paired perfectly with our Strata Overlap, Wave, and Magma Ridge Rings. Complete your festive look with the Rosette Pendants, Molten Pendant Necklace, Knot Pendants, Gelsey Pendants, and more. Whether it's finding the ideal Christmas present or adding a touch of glamor to your celebrations, our collection is here to make your Snowy Wonderland Soirée shimmer with elegance and joy.




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Prepare to ring in the New Year in absolute style and shimmer with our dazzling collection curated especially for sparkle enthusiasts. Embracing the essence of the New Year, our ensemble is a symphony of elegance and glamor, perfect for the countdown festivities. Illuminate the night with the allure of the Georgia Crystal and Pearl, Kiki's Crystal Drop, and the captivating Lucite Long Drip earrings, each piece designed to dazzle. Add a touch of modern chicness with the Pleat Earrings and the mesmerising Gelsey Fold Crystal Drop earrings. Make a statement with the Crystal Allegro Ribbon exuding sophistication and grace. Revel in elegance with the Inside Out Pearl Earrings and the enchanting Sylvia Crystal Drops. Let the Titania Fringe and Ada Crystal Statement adorn you in elegance and panache. Complement your ensemble with the Orbit Crystal Drop and elevate your style with the Magma Handcuff, X Cuff, Lithop Infinity Bracelet, and more. Embrace the night with every shimmer and sparkle, bidding adieu to the year in a dazzling ensemble that sets the perfect tone for the New Year's Eve Countdown Party.


Embrace every occasion with grace and elegance with our thoughtfully curated collection of handpicked jewelry. Each selection is crafted to complement and elevate your look, ensuring you shine brightly through every treasured moment. Let our jewelry become the signature touch that accentuates your elegance, making every occasion a memorable reflection of your refined taste.