Jewelry Finishes: Mirror vs. Satin

Jewelry Polishing: Mirror Finish versus Satin Finish

We create jewelry in a variety of finishes so you can find the piece that feels most you. Learn more about our different finishes and find the one that fits your style. 

Mirror Finish (High Polish)

Mirror Finish is the ultra shiny finish achieved through a high polish process, in which the metal is polished until it is reflective and shiny. Mirror Finished jewelry pieces with a smooth surface, like the Leopard Print Earrings and Flora Earrings, are particularly reflective and mirror-like.

The Mirror Finish also enhances more textural pieces, like the Molten Stud Earrings and Fold Earrings, allowing light and shadows to bounce across the ebbs and flows of the piece and create more dramatic contrast. The Mirror Finish is the most common finish seen in jewelry and is our most popular.


Clockwise: Molten Stud Earrings (Silver), Leopard Print Earrings (Gold & Silver), Delphinium Earrings (Silver), Molten Baroque Pearl Earrings (Gold), Molten Loop Pendant (Silver), Molten Ring (Gold)

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Satin Finish (Matte finish)

Unlike the high polish Mirror finish, a Satin finish diffuses light rather than reflecting it, resulting in a matte sheen. There's a common misconception that matte jewelry pieces are unpolished, but the Satin finish is actually created through a similar polishing process to that of the Mirror finish, just using different tools. The matte Satin finish to appears lightly textured but is smooth to the touch.

Jewelry pieces with a smooth surface design, like the Ridge Cuff, showcase the linear texture of the Satin Finish, while bold styles, like the Delphinium Earrings can be toned down through the more natural appearance of a matte finish. If you're looking for a more subtle or unusual look, the Satin finish might be for you.


Clockwise: Molten Loop Earrings (Satin Gold), Molten Stud Earrings (Satin Silver), Baroque Pearl Earrings (Satin Gold), Delphinium Earrings (Satin Silver), Ridge Cuff (Satin Gold), Molten Ring (Satin Silver)

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Signature Textures

In addition to classic metal finishes, we've developed signature textures like the pointillist Lithop Texture and linear Straie Texture. Our textures are carved by hand, blending old world craftsmanship with cutting edge technology.


L to R: Lithop Helmet Ring (Gold), Lithop Hoops (Gold & Silver), X Cuff (Silver)


Two Tone Finishes

Can't pick just one? Try one of our Two Tone styles, which combine two or more finishes for a contrasting look.


L to R: The Fold Minis (Two Tone Gold), Molten Link Bracelet (Two Tone Silver), Trinity Band Ring (Gold)


Which finish do you prefer? Let us know below!

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