Behind the Scenes: Making of SS22

The Making Of...

Take a peek behind the scenes at the process of developing our Spring/Summer 2022 collection. We employ a variety of techniques from hand sketching and wax carving to 3D modeling and digital rendering, merging old-world craftsmanship with cutting-age technology. Each form goes through many stages of development from the first wax model until it's approved for production and, finally, ready for you to wear!

The Fold Earrings

Flashback Fold Earrings | Fuchsia

Georgia Crystal Earrings | Cobalt

Fold Earrings | Gold

Ripple Signet Ring

Ruby Ripple Signet Ring | Gold

Ruby Ripple Signet Ring | Silver

Topaz Ripple Signet Ring | Gold

Titania Earrings

Titania Malachite Earrings

Titania Crystal Fringe Earrings

Titania Faux Pearl Earrings


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